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Holiday Stress Headaches Now?

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Holiday Stress Headaches Now?

Migraine Lake Havasu AZ Stress
Enter any store and mall, and there are already signs of the upcoming seasonal holidays. However, this season’s good cheer does not need to include tears, neck pain, shoulder pain, stress headaches, and a weakened immune system too. Let’s face it the combination of the wrong food, too much alcohol, late nights, rushing around carrying heavy bags, and, family stress, can all lead to physical overload, and stress or migraine headaches. So this season let’s plan to conquer this year’s holidays in better health.  

Here are some great tips to keep you in tip-top condition for anything this holiday throws at you like…

Marathon Shopping – Yes, Even on Amazon

  • Stay well-hydrated. Drink eight to ten 8-ounce glasses of water every day, and do not substitute any of that with coffee, tea, soft drinks, and alcohol, because those are diuretics and will end up robbing you of water.
  • Stretch both before and after a long day of finding goodies on foot or the computer. Shopping can be stressful, and your muscles need all the help they can get to stay relaxed.
  • When you are out shopping choose shoes for their comfort, not style. You will need plenty of cushioning to counteract those endless hours on your feet.
  • Wear comfortable clothing as well, and, if it’s cold out, have a few layers so you can peel them off and pile them on as you move from the streets to the warm shop interiors and back out again.
  • Keep your purse size small, and try to keep its contents to the bare minimum.
  • Any slight aches and pains you feel after a day out shopping, grab an ice pack and apply to the affected area for 20 minutes, before removing for at least two hours. Repeat several times over the next day or two.

Carve Time to Relax

  • When completing a marathon shop, take a break every 45 minutes, or more often if you feel the need.
  • Park in a convenient location so that you may drop your bags in the trunk every so often.
  • If you’re hungry, eat something light, or you may feel very sluggish when you resume shopping.
  • Feeling like a Starbucks? Coffee may seem like a good idea as a quick pick-me-up, but it adds extra stress to the system. Try also to avoid soda. Stick with water.

Avoid Mixing A Headache Cocktail

  • Children and extended shopping trips don’t go together. Not only will they tire before you do and want to go home, but they will also want to buy everything in every shop. That’s a double whammy of whining that’s going to stress you out. Try and get someone to look after them instead.

Ready To Conquer the Season!

Here at our practice, our expert team is ready to make sure your spine and body are in tip-top condition to not only to have the physical stamina to endure the season but to be able to battle the bustling crowds and conquer the overwhelming checklists.  

Schedule a Quick and Easy Spinal Check-Up Today and Turbo Boost Your Immune System and Avoid Holiday Headaches!

Understanding Rotator Cuff Syndrome

Shoulder Pain Lake Havasu AZ Rotator Cuff Syndrome

Have you been diagnosed with Rotator Cuff Syndrome? If you have, you may feel the pain of not only in the shoulder but the limitations it has put on your life, whether and work or trying to enjoy a game of golf or tennis.

To better help you understand our recommendation for this injury, let us first look at the importance of the rotator cuff.

The Importance Of The Rotator Cuff

The rotator cuff is the most important group of muscles giving the shoulder support and stability. This structural support allows the shoulder joint to move and turn through a wide range of motions and allows us to perform an amazing variety of tasks with our arms.  Due to this mobility, rotator cuff injuries are prevalent as the mobility will come at the expense of shoulder stability.  A small injury can happen in one of the tendons/muscles, but this can very easily progress to other muscle areas becoming irritated due to compensation patterns.

Although the human body can be mechanically an incredible machine when a problem occurs it may start off as a simple problem, but can often lead to a more complex issue where the original injury site is not so evident and can make many routine activities difficult and painful.

Rotator Cuff Syndrome: What Does It Mean?

Rotator cuff syndrome is a broad term used to describe injuries and damage to the rotator cuff. There is a spectrum of injuries that can occur. Common injuries include partial tears in the muscles and tendons, which can result from acute injury or wear and tear over the long term. Many times repetitive motion that puts stress on the rotator cuff is the chief culprit for this type of injury.

Common symptoms of a rotator cuff injury may include the inability to lift the arm at the shoulder out to the side, pain putting a coat on or pain when lying down on that side of the body.  Some people also may experience pain radiating down the arm towards the elbow or even down into their hands.

Best Recommendations for Rotator Cuff Syndrome

In order to effectively treat rotator cuff syndrome, it is important to address the underlying causes of it.

Because the rotator cuff is comprised of four different muscles, rotator cuff syndrome can describe one of the several distinct problems. Causality is also a factor. The symptom of pain may be the result of overuse or injury of one or more of the muscles in the rotator cuff; therefore, developing a treatment plan individualized to the particular cause of the pain is crucial. A medical specialist, such as a chiropractor, will result in the highest quality of care as the cause will be more individually identified, and more readily resolved.

Massage therapy, physical rehabilitation and soft tissue treatments such as ART and Graston work are often used in conjunction to reduce the incidence and symptoms of inflammation. Kinesio tape can also be advantageous as well by helping correct and maintain proper shoulder positioning throughout the day by stimulating proprioception, increasing your body’s positional awareness.

The most beneficial treatment process delivers the best results when a Chiropractic physician also provides detailed rehabilitative programs targeted to preserve and build muscle strength during the healing process. The combination will help to provide not only pain relief but the highest restoration of range of motion.

Join Our Team!

Ready to get back into full swing and enjoy fun activities this summer? Call today as we understand those shoulder injuries do not need to be athletically related and can happen at any age.

Our team is standing by to help you get back on the team of better health!

The Sound Of Joint Flexibility

Joint Flexibility Lake Havasu AZ Physical Medicine

We all love movie soundtracks. The music can transport us right into the story and lift us high, allow us to cry, or give us reasons to hide under our covers in fear. Now just think about if our lives all had theme music playing in the background. In reality, the sound effects or theme music set by our bodies does allow us to hear what it would like us to address. For instance, if our stomach rumbles, we address our need for food. Now, what about those squeaks, pops, and groan sound effects that may be coming from our joints as we move?

Read on to learn more.

Not Jaws Just The Joints

My body is playing the theme of “Jaws?” If your mind has gone directly to playing the theme song in fear, do not fret, for musculoskeletal joint stiffness can come naturally with age and have a happy ending.  

As we age gracefully, we may find that our shoulders, knees, and ankles are not as flexible as they used to be.  It has become more difficult to bend over and pick up a dropped object. We may have also noted that it is uncomfortable to turn our head in order to see the car behind us in the next lane.  Unfortunately, the shark bite is that left untreated our joints will get stiffer as we age not only from lack of motion but the natural process of decreased levels and increased density of synovial fluid. Joints such as the shoulders, knees, and ankles are lubricated and maintained by this synovial fluid. The synovial fluid keeps the joints moist, provides oxygen and nutrition, and washes away toxic end-products of the normal metabolic processes. If ignored, our joints will lose a significant amount of mobility. However, our lifeguard of good news is there’s plenty you can do to help prevent stiffening and can regain and retain much of your youthful flexibility, but only if you are willing to be active.

Lights, Camera, Action!

One way to combat such physiologic aging is to keep active. Unfortunately, this is a pretty big task for the people of today who spend the majority of their time plugged into virtual devices for work, entertainment, and even their exercise program.

First Step, let us create time for real-life, real-time exercise. Almost any type of exercise helps synovial fluid to become more available which allows the synovial fluid to be pumped into joint spaces and increases the lubrication into the joints. Exercise also raises the core temperature of the body, which subsequently decreases the viscosity of synovial fluid. The end product is increased joint flexibility. This benefit is, more often than not, experienced immediately. The benefit will be long-lasting, but only if you continue to exercise regularly.

Take Two!

Thirty minutes of exercise per day, five times a week, will help us maintain as much joint flexibility as possible. Switching between a cardiovascular exercise day and a strength training day is the optimal exercise program. Yoga can give a total body workout which uses cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and flexibility.

The types of exercise you do are not as significant as the long-term consistency of the exercise. Regular, vigorous exercise, will provide great benefit, not only will it improve your joint flexibility, but it will also help to improve your general health and wellness!

Ready To Help!

As we begin to get moving or have avoided moving due to the pain and restrictions you may need a helping hand.

Our healthcare can be that hand (or two) that you need. Our expert team is ready to help you with your joint challenges that may need a jump start to begin the healing process and be there all the way through the supervised rehabilitation program.

So if you are ready to launch, call us today so we can help you restore optimal function for the Oscar Winner, “It Can Be An Optimal Life.”

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